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How Australian universities can leverage technology
to deliver better teaching, better student outcomes, and a stronger economy.

Coalition for Digital Learners

The university learning environment is changing rapidly – and more change is coming.

Technology has been a huge part of this change, and as we consider how to strengthen universities for the future, the position and potential of technology must be at the centre of our policy thinking.

To help inform the public policy debate, the Coalition for Digital Learners has researched the role of education technologies in universities today.


Our research includes:

  • Surveying university students to find out who uses education technology tools, how they use it, and how it benefits them.

  • Analysing current policies and reform proposals to develop criteria for a high-performing university sector.

  • Identifying the key policy and regulatory barriers preventing greater integration of education technology in university learning.

Our findings show:

  • Students highly value education technology tools to help them succeed, and they overwhelmingly use technology in ethical and effective ways.

  • While Australian universities perform well overall, there is plenty of room for improvement – especially when it comes to access and equity for students from diverse backgrounds.

  • Reforms to better integrate technology into university learning can improve student outcomes, graduate incomes, and boost the economy by as much as $3 billion pa.


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